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welcome to my little website!
my name is 晗娜. (she/her) i'm a highschool student who has a passion for everything internet! mwiron is a website compiling all my interests and hobbies into a single place. it's dedicated to my favorite video games, makeup, idols, music, artists, and people. my code is free to use and copy. the site is not yet optimized for mobile viewing, but will be in future updates. enjoy your stay!

fashion, jujutsu kaisen, fine arts, paradise kiss, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xvi, vantacrow bringer, victoria brightshield, cooking & baking, programming, game development, nct, stardew valley, fortnite, honkai star rail

doodle gallery

pixel girl drawing with alien things on her head. text reads plain sightpixel girl strawberry head. text reads bored.

warning! nerd stuff below... fairy goku

vincent van gogh, yoshitomo nara, judith leyster, artemisia gentileschi, alexander calder

hayden, mendelsohnn, cage, stravinsky, saint-saëns

authors & philosophers
i do not necessarily believe what they believe in. sometimes they're just really funny
dostoevsky, camus, nietzsche, marx, aristotle

other languages
chinese - 大家好!我叫晗娜,可是你能叫我娜娜。中文是我的母语。
french - salut! je m'appelle hannah, mais mes amis m'appellent nana. j'ai appris le français au lycée, donc je n'en sais qu'un peu.
dutch - hallo! mijn naam is hannah. ik spreek een beetje nederlands.
japanese - こんにちは!私の名前はハンナです。

u-log hamster dancing

ff7 rabbit hole - 060524
i'm watching ff7 advent children rn TT everyone is so cute... i wish aerith and zack were still alive (no spoilers marking. this game has been out since 1997 idk man...) i miss them sooo bad. everyone is so cutieful,, as i've been consuming more ff7 content the more i've realized how much i love reno... he's so stupid i love him TT... save me renobob...

more web updates - 053124
WAHHH i'm back! i added all my mooties' buttons on my website and made my own yippee yay (add me back plspslsplsplsp) also added a media page future updates!! soon!!

momocon - 052524
i haven't been updating my website recently TT i've been going to momocon! i've gone to two days so far and it's been sooo fun! everyone's so nice and the cosplays are so cute... i'm going to day 3 tomorrow (my last day) and after that i will be back on the website grind yass

jjk leaks - 052224
WHAT. gege akutami.why did yuta bodysnatch gojo WHATTT

firefox - 052224
i finally made the switch! i have like 3 million extensions guys i'm about to be EXTRA secure on the internet now

death note - 052124
updating my website every time i start a new show makes me feel so famous... like omg... i'm letting mwiron-nation see what i'm watching... anyways this show is so funny? i put off watching it for so long and i regret it so bad. light is getting cooked rn btw. personally, not to toot my own horn or whatever, i could beat L. light has a skill issue

website updates x2 - 052024
fixed the shrine page LOL it's so funny now. i will be updating the makeup page with my skincare and daily makeup routine tmr! i'll also add in my media reviews. the music updates links to the kazyy spotify profile already. the doodle gallery will also be updated with my more recent silly art... i'm also going to readd all of the buttons in the webline div later. i'm... so... excited... i love uploading 4 gagillion images and positioning them!

public stoning - 051924
you can now throw rocks at gojo and geto. i think this is the greatest website update i've ever done. who cares about the 3 million links that don't go anywhere? you can throw rocks at satosugu!!

summer has started - 051724
i finished all of my exams yippee! school is OUT! i think i got two 5s... i hope i did at least </3 I SAW THE JJK LEAKS BTW!! I NEVER DOUBTED MY GOAT GOJO SATORU! he's back. gojo deniers dni please (i miss him)

nah i'd win - 051024
FINALS. explodes. i think i'm cooking though actually. i just speedran all of them and took a nap for the rest of the hour... it was light work ngl.

new nails - 042824
i got a new nail set omg... i'm feeling #fabulous??? i can't play fortnite with them properly though. worst news ever.

finals... - 041224
good morning! >< finals are in a month and i'm so nervous omg,, also i saw the jjk leaks yesterday??? gojo come back soon. btwi moved urls. i kept my old code though! something something theseus' paradox

color scheme - 032024
updated the color scheme from blue to green and changed the cursor png. new palette: #93CF99 #E4EfE9 #FFFDF5

website updates! - 031024
changed the entire format LOL the one before gave me a migraine... but now all the sitemap links are broken (will fix soon)

stardew - 022824
i can't stop playing stardew valley... the best purchase i've ever made on steam i think?? me and haley are literally #couple goals. also i plan on redesigning this entire site some time next month because it's bothering me so much.

let's tune in!

peeing rabbit watching? death note
reading? poor folk - dostoevsky
listening? chihiro - billie eilish

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